New Year, New(ish) Venture

January 15th, 2013

Happy 2013 all, mid-way through January, I know, but still, it’s a new year.   I haven’t broken any resolutions yet (it’s only been 15 days) and have finally gotten this website up and live- so all is good in LaLa land.  (my little world- aptly named by a wonderful friend of mine)

Here we are on this little blog- I hope to share with you some cool ideas- there may be a few un-cool ones in there as well, tidbits of life and sneak peaks of projects and things I have on the go.

This post here is a shorty, since I am waiting for one shorty to come home from kindergarten and the other is snoozing on the couch- I may snuggle a few minutes, if I have time.  So welcome to my world- hope you like it.


See you soon!

One Response to New Year, New(ish) Venture

  1. Joan Omstead says:

    So happy to see the site up and running. It is beautiful. Love the background and the showcasing of products. Very proud of you!

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