Applying your Vinyl Decal:

Make sure your wall is clean, dry and in good condition.
Remove the backing of your decal
Position your decal lightly on the wall. Once applied the decal cannot be repositioned or reapplied.

install 1

Using a squeegie*, smooth the decal, applying even pressure, trying to remove any bubbles.

install 2

Pull the paper from the decal, pulling slowly and evenly, following the curve of the letters.
Pull in a downward motion, rather than straight out.

install 3

Keep moving your hand as you pull the paper- keeping pressure on the paper.

install 4

If any of the decal is not flat to the wall, go over with your fingers or squeegie and press it to the wall.
Your decal is now ready to go!

final install

Squeegie = ruler, credit card, spatula, anything with a flat hard end.

To remove, pull up a corner of each letter by using your fingernail or tweezers and gently pull
off the lettering in a downward motion- you can soften them up by using a hair dryer to make it easier to remove.
If any sticky residue is left, use alcohol or goo-gone. If you notice any paint starting to come off with your letters,
stop immediately and warm your lettering with a blow dryer.
Peel the vinyl in a downward motion, rather than pulling straight outward.
The vinyl is made for indoor application, it is removable but not reusable.
It is possible that the vinyl could remove some paint from your wall,
we are not responsible for any damage that may occur during installation or removal.

Wilkinsigns – Walls and Words is not responsible for damages to walls, or wall surfaces, as a result of removing the decal from the wall. We use Oracal 631 removeable exhibition vinyl. Some walls, depending on how the paint adheres to the wall may lose the integrity of the paint or wall surface when the vinyl is removed.
We recommend using low heat from a hair dryer when removing decals, being careful not to melt the vinyl and peeling off the wall slowly.

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