January Showers

January 31st, 2013

So here we are at the end of January- crazy, right?  Especially the weather.  Here in southwestern Ontario we just had 2 record days of warmth (being perpetually cold, it didn’t feel to warm to me) and rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  The weather dude said last night that if it would have been snow, it would have been 20 inches.  That would have been some cozy snow days, if you ask me….


But yesterday, we had a shower of another kind.  (I did have a shower too, just in case you were wondering)  My lovely sister in law is expecting her first baby in a few weeks, so my mom and I put together a small shower for her.  It was pretty, fun and pink!

So we didn’t really have a theme, besides pink and that’s what I ran with. I made her invitations with a chalkboard background and fonts with a handwriting feel- I am loving chalkboard style right now- not to be confused with Gangam style…. My sis is pretty girly, but with an edge (she likes skulls and tats and all that stuff) so pink and black and scripty- that fit the bill.

I love flowers- the little signs in the flowers are pieces I designed especially for little baby mac. Adds a little personalized touch.

We had soup and little sandwiches for supper- there are little tiny signs that say baby mac poked into some sandwiches on the table. We also have some other signs as well- there was a sign by the cups of soup- ” baby it’s cold outside soup”, the sandwiches were “l’il bundles”, the sweet table – “little sweeties”


And then the big hit at the shower (food wise) was my mom’s pink “ready to pop!corn”


These little signs were so cute and added such a great touch to the shower- a little bit of inspiration, some card stock and a good hour cutting with my son’s safety scissors (!) and I was so happy with the results.

Our January shower was so much fun.  It was great to see my sis and wonderful to spent a cozy evening with our family enjoying each other’s company, some funny stories and lots of pink popcorn!

We can’t wait to meet the new little princess and shower her with lots more love!

(Here’s my little princess loving up her auntie)

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