the boy’s room

January 18th, 2013


We did a renovation in our old farmhouse last winter.  We reworked space on our main floor and added a bedroom, bathroom, hallway and office.  We love it, everyone now has their own space (our kids shared a room before) and it totally changed the feel of our house.  A year later (almost) I am still in the process of decorating the spaces.    I am never good at starting one job and going all the way through to finish before I start something else- so I feel like everything in my house right now is kind of “in progress”.

But today, I thought I would show you my son’s space.  So let’s go.

Max’s room isn’t the biggest, but it is really bright and warm, which is perfect for a 4 year old.  He picked out the paint color himself- it’s  called Milk and Cookies- I don’t know why, cause it’s blue.  On his back wall which you see as soon as you walk in, we did decals of the alphabet in assorted sizes in white, grey and navy blue.  I tacked them up lightly at first till I found the perfect spots, then we applied them to the wall.  It took longer to figure out where I wanted them than it did to apply.  I also DIY-ed the mattes on his school photos- I used an ooooold atlas of my grandpa’s and modged podged them to the matte board.



Here’s the opposite side.  We made Max his blue monster picture- it was his biggest thing when he got his new room.  He just HAD to have that picture.  It’s done on a piece of aluminum and we made the frame from some salvaged wood.  I can’t stand the site of all the toys hanging out like this, so I am on the hunt for a long dresser to redo for this area.  I have a few ideas in mind and I’ll share those once I find the perfect piece.  His map art and lamp shade are simple DIYs as well- the lampshade is another modge podge wonder, and for his map art, I mounted a burlap-looking cloth to the back of the frame and then just pinned the map on.  It was quick and easy, and he loved it.  Can you tell he likes maps?


Above the toy mountain, we mounted a floating shelf- just high enough to be out of reach for Max and his sister.  I try to put all his keepsakes up there, but it looks like there’s a broken ornament and a hungry hippo marble too.  Hmm…  Over top of this, we mounted a classic monogram in navy.  And then some more DIY art in the canvas- some star maps on canvas, and I punched small holes in some areas and added in some LED lights- they are battery powered and the little box slips right behind the canvas.


In his closet- I made labels for each of his little boxes.  It helps us keep his clothes organized- and he can help get his clothes out in the morning as well.  These are simple fabric drawers I got on sale all winter last year, I knew we were going to need them to keep organized and they work great.  You can’t see them, but there are two more on the top shelf of the closet- one for hats, gloves, etc and the other holds games and more stuff with little bitty pieces…. that is where that marble should be.

This is where we’re at right now- but we have so far to go.  Now that he has started school, he has more requests for things to go in his room.  Super heroes are huge around here right now- and there is the big blank wall his bed is on that is crying out for some art.  I have a few things in mind that I will share once I finish.  I am also debating changing his alphabet wall into a city scape, but I am 100% on that one.  You can take a peek at my ideas on my pinterest page- the boy has his own board

How about you?  Have any “in progress” rooms in your house?  Any great ideas to share?

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